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Dja Guata Porã | Indigenous Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the subject of the 3 rd floor of the exhibition hall at the Museum of Art of Rio – MAR. The historic profile – centered on a period, a place, a character, a context – intends to invite visitors, locals or not, to encounter and recognize stories about the city and state of Rio de Janeiro. Stories at times forgotten, or yet to be told.

That is what Dja Guata Porã: Indigenous Rio de Janeiro presents, a pathway between the history and the contemporaneity of the indigenous cultures of this region of Brazil. Conceived in a participatory fashion, stemming from the backbone of the collaboration of peoples, villages, movements and indigenous residents of Rio state and city, the exhibition is the result of dialogs conducted from 2016 to 2017 by the MAR curator and education teams, who were aided by the contributions of visiting researchers, curators, architects and designers. In the process of creation, Dja Guata Porã has experienced unconventional modes of construction of meaning in the museum field and in the heart of curatorial activity, abrading hegemonic voices and practices with differences and divergences.

From this unique exercise arises this exhibition, permeated with commissioned works, created based on the dialogs which we conducted until now. More than videos, photographs, objects, scale models, installations or drawings, these pieces are the open processes of research. They reflect current – thus, moving – thoughts and positions of the various indigenous peoples who constitute Rio de Janeiro. They are, therefore, geared to act as invitations to the continuity of this journey, replete with listening and exchange. For all participation and dedication, MAR, under the stewardship of Instituto Odeon, thanks everyone who opened their lives, their villages, their homes, their archives and their memories to share with us – and, now, with our visitors – this immense plurality and richness of stories, perspectives and desires.

Carlos Gradim
President Director of Instituto Odeon


Curators: Sandra Benites, José Ribamar Bessa, Pablo Lafuente and Clarissa Diniz.
Read here the curatorial text.