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My world yours - Alexandre Sequeira

It was because of a stoning that Alexandre Sequeira met Jefferson Oliveira. The boy was climbing a tree on Combu Island, a neighbourhood on the periphery of Belém, and had no doubts when he saw the stranger approaching. If the thrown stone was the pretext that Alexandre needed to establish a dialogue with the previously unknown boy, then in turn the artist's camera was perhaps the device that made the desire to extend the conversation immediate on the boy's part. But this dialogue, we found out, was not exactly between Jefferson and Alexandre, but between the boy and Tayana Wanzeler – a resident of the neighbourhood of Guamá, many kilometres away, on the other bank of the river –, who the artist had met previously during a drawing workshop. Alexandre and his camera were the messengers and the mediators of the relationship between the two teenagers, who only came to meet each other around one year after the stoning, after they had already exchanged dozens of cards and created images together, overlaying – and conjugating – the reality of one in the fantasy of the other. Alexandre Sequeira called the experience with Tayana and Jefferon My world yours, an expression that he learned from the boy.

This and other experiences come together in this exhibition of the same title, in a plot that puts in relation different contexts, people, moments, intentions. Here friendships, exchanges, narratives and services are explored, which in the last years have crossed the life – and work – of Pará native Alexandre Sequeira, and that have a great interest in photography and the other in common. A fascinating combination between image and alterity that has not exactly produced works, but processes of conviviality and collaboration that generate a set of images, memories, sounds, narratives, objects. Not being exactly possible to circumscribe the experiences of the artist, nor reduce them to their visible dimension, the exhibition My world yours longs to evoke them. We have proposed an immersive environment in the stories and memories of the encounters shown here, offering stations of reading in which the intangible of the experience of the other is placed – perhaps silently – as an invitation to presence, to listening and to dialogue, this time, performed in the relationship with the public, like someone who throws a stone at the shoulder of the person who enters this space.

As well as the joining together of these experiences – that, through the generosity of the artist, will become part of the MAR Collection, making it a reference for his work –, My world yours is also a kind of laboratory of an open process shown here in an orbital state through the Constellation of Tião, a project by Alexandre Sequeira in collaboration with Aline Mendes, activist and resident of Morro da Providência, through whom MAR and the artist came to know about the photographic archive of Tião, a portraitist in this region from the 1960s to the 1980s. As a witness and agent of the port history of Rio, the plurality and the eloquence of Tião's work points to the political dimension of affection, relationships, friendship and feeling of longing, territories of memory and their strategies of resistance – among them the image and, in particular, photography. Identifying with Tião, Alexandre embraces him in his my world yours by the desire to continue braiding together pronouns, as if, in the end, he was seeking to unravel the preponderance of me.

Clarissa Diniz and Janaina Melo

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