Internship in Art and Education

The Education Management at MAR offer a trainee programme orientated towards art and education, currently aimed at two professional profiles: trainee educator and trainee monitor.The programme aims to contribute towards the professional development of university students wishing to work in the area of education in museums. It is based on educational practice and the exercise of research on education in museums, the history of Rio de Janeiro, history of art and visual culture, recognising in cultural mediation the strategy of approximation and dialogue between art and public.

The internship is paid, with a workload of 30 hours per week, scaled completion and is split into research hours, continued development and practical education. The trainee contract is renewed every six months and has a maximum limit of two years.

Selection process

Access to the trainee position at the Education Management works in two ways:

Participation in the Museu de Arte do Rio’s Development of Mediators Course, which takes place annually in the months of January and February and is the base from which the reserve list for future employment is formed.

In the event that the backup list fills up, selection processes take place throughout the year, composed of three stages: the sorting of CVs; application letter; and individual or collective interviews.


Trainee scholarship;

Transport vouchers;

Paid holidays, according to the internship law;

Continued development with qualified professionals and participation in the Escola do Olhar’s national and international programming.