Weekends at MAR

At weekends MAR provides a series of activities aimed at its visitors. The public have the opportunity to get to know the works, starting from proposals that allow them to relate themselves to the exhibitions, through specific approaches and practical proposals in activities that have been developed by the educators.

Get to know MAR

Visit aimed at a public that is interested in learning about MAR’s history and activities. Along the way we cover the architecture of the buildings which form the museum, the region in which it is situated, the exhibitions that take place and the relationship between the Escola do Olhar and the Exhibition Pavilion.

Every Sunday at 11am. The meeting point of Get to Know MAR if the 5th floor of the School of the Gaze.

Gallery Talk

Gallery Talk offers the public possibilities of reflection and discussion, starting from the works and questions present in the exhibitions. Provocative themes are covered that create a network of dialogue about art and present day society.

Every Sunday at 2pm. Gallery Talk takes place in the Exhibition Pavilion.


Educational Activity

Every Sunday the education team at MAR presents a practical proposal which can involve games, pranks, performances, poetry and experiences with different materials, support and themes of art and visual culture. The educational activity is for all ages and invites a collective relationship with art.

Sunday at 2pm. The educational activities take place in Pilotis, on the 5th floor of the Escola do Olhar or in the Exhibition Pavilion.


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