The workshops at the Escola do Olhar match theoretic aspects to practical propositions. They are made up of between 4 and 8 hour workloads (short term) and between 8 and 12 hour workloads (medium term). They are organised using MAR’s Clusters of Meanings, the curatorial programme and the museum’s archive as a base.

The Escola do Olhar workshop schedule is structured into two main axes:

Workshops for Family

Every month, MAR offers a programme presenting a new experience for families at the museum. At each one, educators at MAR and invited teachers develop a series of propositions that provide an inquisitive, enjoyable and collective approach to the works and the artists present in the exhibitions. Families take part in activities and can explore the exhibitions together, being inspired by investigations of movement, space, light, forms, colours and other techniques.

Continued Development in Art and Visual Culture

The Escola do Olhar offers an intense schedule of workshops on art and visual culture. Designed for teachers and educators, as well as for the juvenile and adult public, the programme is organised starting from content present in the exhibitions, from fields of interest in artistic languages – photography, dance and drawing, amongst others – and from transversal issues present in the discussion about contemporary culture. To develop its programme, the Escola do Olhar counts on teachers and specialised consultants who propose actions inside and outside the museum – expeditions to the surroundings and other important places for the workshop.