The Library of MAR is part of the Museu de Arte do Rio and an objective of acting as a centre of cultural information for teachers, researchers, artists, curators and the community in general. The guidelines for the development of the archive – specialised in art and visual culture, art books and contemporary art – are formed by MAR’s Clusters of Meanings, by the archive of documentation and research based on the exhibition programme and by the context into which the institution is inserted – the port area of Rio de Janeiro. The library is made up of two clusters: research and base. The research nucleus was determined based on the museum’s line of curatorial action: Afro-Brazilian culture, visual culture; education; children’s education; philosophy; artist books and documents; Rio de Janeiro (history, architecture and culture).

One of the main highlights of the library is its collection of artist books (Brazilian and foreign). They are on permanent display and available for consultation and research through prior arrangement.

The collections and the back area of the library can be freely and openly consulted in the reading room which is located on the 4th floor on the Escola do Olhar.