MAR at the Academy

Through its Escola do Olhar, the Museu de Arte do Rio has developed the MAR at the Academy programme. The proposal is to stimulate the participation of universities in the museum’s project of promoting the registering of art in the public sphere, within the scope of the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, emphasising the relationship between the museum and education and also the strengthening of the city as a centre of reflective theory. Amongst its values are freedom of expression and respect for the autonomy of the university, the process of cultural emancipation and the independence of activities and of the historiography with relation to the State and the market. Around a common prioritised agenda, MAR objectifies national and international exchange, cooperation between post-graduate centres in art, aesthetics and visual culture. Involvement from many sectors of society is sought in these academic activities, incentivising the participation of teachers and university students in projects from the curatorial and educational area of MAR.

The MAR at the Academy project aims to support the processes of improvement in university courses for the development of art teachers in elementary schools through work experience, extension courses, the promotion of research, the forming of a bibliographical archive, publications, seminars and a series of debates, all of which make up its schedule. The result of this line of action can be the sensitive improvement of the relationship between art and elementary school teaching in the city. This MAR initiative hopes to contribute to the process of critical reflection and to elevating indices of evaluation of post graduate art programmes at Rio de Janeiro universities by the Ministry of Education. Considering that the Museu de Arte do Rio is a public equipment of the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Secretary of Culture, the activities of MAR at the Academy can occur in any space in the city, depending on the adequacy of the projects proposed for teachers, students and artists.