Neighbours of MAR

This programme has as an objective the stimulation of involvement and participation of the port region community in actions and activities run by MAR, thus fortifying the bonds between museum and territory.
The port area is historically a place of huge cultural contribution, specifically in the cultural multiplicity strengthened from the wharf. MAR also inserts itself into this flow and invites its neighbours to participate in its programmes.

The MAR Neighbour Card – Free entry for residents of the port area

Registering with the programme provides you with an identification card which guarantees free access to the exhibitions at MAR. To get the card you need to be a resident of the neighbourhoods Saúde, Gamboa or Santo Cristo, presenting prove of address and photo ID at the museum’s reception. The same registration can be used by families with children up to 18 years old. People older than 18 need to complete their own registrations.

Crafts and Skills in the Region

MAR promotes a priority agenda with its neighbours, fostering not only participation in the museums activities but also the construction of actions with their own neighbours, aimed at the residents of the port region and the city as a whole. The Craft and Skills in the Region programme is the fruit of the mapping of different activities carried out in the region by artists and crafters, who go on to integrate the body of the workshops offered by the Escola do Olhar.

Coffee with Neighbours

Taking place on the first Saturday of every month, Coffee with neighbours is a platform for the mapping and development of projects together with artist and cultural producer neighbours of MAR.