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Rossini Perez between Morro da Saúde and África

Rossini Perez and MAR

Rossini Perez’s trajectory comes to MAR’s direction in this exhibition, under the curatorship of Maria de Lourdes Parreiras Horta, Marcelo Campos, Marcia Mello and Paulo Herkenhoff, as well as Luiz Antonelli’s expographic project. The artist unveils an eye aware of the geopolitics of cities and of the world. The exhibit Rossini Perez between Morro da Saúde and África makes the shared interests between artists and MAR visible: the role of museums in education and the training of artists; art as witness and agent of transformations of the city and its sociability; the role of art in politics on a local and global level, of international cultural diplomacy to everyday practices resistance and the relevance of the act of collecting, among other aspects.

This coincidence of perspectives completes itself in the artist’s experience in the port region, where he lived and worked for decades, and whose hills, slums, communities and African heritage  were his main themes. MAR encountered the Port region in the exhibitions Yuri Firmeza ‒ stratigraphic turbidities, From Valongo to Favela: imaginary and periphery and the  program Neighbours of MAR. Rossini Perez creates new directions for this trajectory. If Valongo was, around here, the grand dock of slavery, its adjacent neighborhood Saúde will now become the site of an ethical return proposed by Rossini Perez.

An honorary carioca, Perez developed an investigative approach specific to Rio. He is an urban anthropologist with a photographer’s eye, revealing a Rio de Janeiro where debris mix with the beauty of buildings and squares in the Port region, in images kept in the artists’ collection or belonging to Instituto Moreira Salles (IMS). The elective affinities of Rossini Perez are here celebrated by the artist together with engravings by Lívio Abramo, Fayga Ostrower, Anna Bella Geiger, Anna Letycia, Edith Behring, Thereza Miranda and Johnny Friedländer.

Mar would like to thank the always generous Rossini Perez for the donation of an expressive set of works and objects that bear witness to his intellectual and aesthetic trajectory. His work can be found at Biblioteca Nacional, Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, MAM/RJ and MAM/SP, Instituto Moreira Salles, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis (Portugal) and significant private collections. In order to bring this exhibit together, we relied on the support of these institutions and collectors that collaborated with us and throughout years established a close relationship with Rossini Perez, such as Ugo and Bárbara Sorrentino and Cesar Aché. To MAR, strengthening the partnership between institutions and private collections is a main policy, stimulating the participation of society in the constant reinvention of the symbolic life of the city; a mission to which Rossini Perez, from Africa to Saúde, dedicated his life.    

Carlos Gradim
President director of Instituto Odeon
Museu de Arte do Rio – MAR

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  • Photo: Thales Leite.

  • Photo: Thales Leite.

  • Photo: Thales Leite.

  • Photo: Thales Leite.

  • Photo: Thales Leite.

  • Photo: Thales Leite.

  • Rossini Perez. Houses 2, 1954. Linocut, pochoir colour on rice paper. ​Coll. Rossini Perez.

  • Rossini Perez. Houses, 1955. ​Etching, aquatint and Drypoint. ​Coll. Fundação Biblioteca Nacional.

  • Rossini Perez. Favela II, 1956. ​Linocut. ​Coll. Fundação Biblioteca Nacional.

  • Rossini Perez. Angolan woman, 1979. Relief, aquatint on 5 pieces of cut cooper/Arches paper. Coll. Museu Nacional de Belas Artes.

  • Rossini Perez. Favela/Stilt houses, 1957. Coll.Rossini Perez