The Instituto Odeon is a private, non-profit cultural association whose mission is to promote citizenship and social and educational development through cultural projects. The Institute was formed based on an extension of the Odeon Companhia Teatral, an organization created in 1998.

Having been qualified as a Social Organization (SO) in Rio de Janeiro, in 2012 the Instituto Odeon became a City partner in the management of the Museu de Arte do Rio - MAR. With the signing of the management contract, Odeon's experience in the cultural segment went on to be used in the management of one of the most important facilities in the revitalization of the city's port area.

The collaboration between the City and the Instituto Odeon will ensure, in administrative and conceptual terms, the necessary conditions for the full development of the Museu de Arte do Rio's program. The management model excels for its agile processes, transparency and efficiency, contributing to the sustainability and longevity of the cultural changes brought about by MAR.