Largo do Paço: image and history

Organisation by Ruy Souza e Silva
2014 | Portuguese and English | 29 x 21 cm | 64p. | Paperback
MAR/Instituto Odeon publishing

Texts by Pedro Vasquez and Ruy Souza e Silva accompany 24 works of documentary photography and engraving that made up the exhibition Largo do Paço, a precious set of images of Praça XV donated to MAR by Fátima Zorzato and Ruy Souza e Silva. In acting as erudite curator and painstaking specialist, the museum’s benefactor united images starting from the oldest known image of this region of Rio de Janeiro, an engraving from 1599 crafted based on a deliciously imaginative drawing by Oliver van Noort, right up to photographs from the 20th century by Mar Ferrez, Augusto Malta and A. Ribeiro. The history of the visual registration of the Largo do Paço is a chapter of Rio de Janeiro urbanism, one of the focuses for the collection and programme of exhibitions, courses and debates at MAR.

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