Pororoca – Amazônia at MAR

Organisation by Paulo Herkenhoff
2014 | Portuguese | 23 x 28cm | 488p.
Co-published by MAR/Contraponto Editora

Pororoca - Amazonia at MAR is an invitation to the debate on historic invisibilities. As well as the works present in the exhibition, which was held at the Museu de Arte do Rio from 9th of September to the 23rd of November 2014, the book documents the whole set of works from the MAR collection’s Amazônico Fund, which is still in the process of construction and already features more than 450 items relating to Amazonian art, gathered during our museum’s two years of existence. The effort for the formation of this fund as a result of generous donations, the exhibition and, finally, the catalogue, met their beginning more than 30 years ago, when an uninterrupted relationship began between the cultural director of the museum, Paulo Herkenhoff, and the region, celebrated by more than 50 trips to the Amazon region and by his extensive intellectual production on the subject.

Without proposing a chronological or thematic path, this richly illustrated work covers a broad spectrum ranging from archeological material, popular and indigenous cultural artefacts, illustrated books, and visual and political documents, as well as modern and contemporary art from the 21st century. The publication even displays unreleased writings and re-releases from 37 authors, among them artists and art critics who also reflect on the Amazon in its historical, political and social aspects.

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