Praça Mauá, 5, Centro, Rio de Janeiro
CEP: 20081-240

Always prefer public transport. There are fifty bus routes that run nearby MAR and come from all regions of the city. Avoid going by car. There is a 54-space bike rack for cyclists.


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Visitors coming from Niterói, the Ilha do Governador and Paquetá can use the boat that stops at Praça XV. From there to MAR one can opt to walk (about 20 minutes) or to take the bus (21 routes connect Praça XV to Praça Mauá).


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There is a bike rack for cyclists.


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  • Uruguaiana Station and walk 10 minutes to the site.
  • Carioca Station and walk 18 minutes to the site.


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There are approximately 20 bus lines that pass near to MAR.


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  • Central do Brasil and take the 225 bus route or walk 15 minutes to the Museum.


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The nearest station is Parada dos Museus.