• Mauá Restaurant

    Mauá Restaurant is located on Escola do Olhar’s rooftop. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday. 12pm to 5pm. Tel: (21) 3031 2819.

  • Store

    The Novo Desenho store features innovative, high-quality products consistent with MAR'S identity. The store makes up the "Pracinha Mauá," an outside reception area at the Museum. Novo Desenho features products designed by established designers and professionals who are just now starting to emerge in the market. The store is an extension of MAR, integrating to its architectural concept and activities with a commitment to creating an environment to showcase and add value to Brazilian design and creativity, with emphasis on the Rio de Janeiro iconography.

  • Cristóvão Café e Bistrô

    Cristóvão Café e Bistrô shares with Novo Desenho the Pracinha Mauá space, which is dedicated to welcoming and integrating the visitors to the Museu de Arte do Rio. The coffee shop excels for using quality ingredients, for its accurate preparation of the food, and for its appetizing presentation. The menu values Brazilian cuisine and proposes a refined reinterpretation of national dishes and ingredients. Cristóvão Café e Bistrô's facilities are daring, coherent with the MAR architecture.